Public Statement : Court Order and Motion on Notice on re-admission of Giwa FC into the NPFL

LMC wishes to state that it has, today, Tuesday, 16th August, 2016 been served with an interim court order issued by the High Court of Justice of Plateau State, sitting at Jos. The order was made in a suit file by a certain Mustapha Abubakar, who is praying the court to compel LMC to restore Giwa FC to the NPFL, and reschedule all matches of the Club which previously had been cancelled, by due process.
LMC wishes to state that, although this individual (Mustapha Abubakar) claims to be acting for himself and on behalf of Giwa FC, he  is a total stranger to the organisation and administration of NPFL and has never had any dealings or connection whatsoever with LMC.
It is LMC's view that this suit is nothing but a disingenuous attempt to circumvent the binding declaration made by Giwa FC on oath not to take football matters to ordinary law court for adjudication,  but to submit and be bound by the processes and decisions of the internal adjudicatory mechanisms and bodies duly constituted by the Rules governing football. This well known declaration is equally required of every person or entity wishing to participate in football activities, who must first subscribe to this declaration as a pre-condition for being permitted to participate in football activities,  the world over.
However, as a law abiding corporate entity, LMC has taken immediate steps to effect compliance with the directives of the Court, as contained in the Order,  pending the hearing and determination of the Motion on Notice. To this end, Giwa FC has been restored to the NPFL Table, while further processes are being activated to reschedule the matches concerning the Club, in accordance with the NPFL Framework and Rules, 2015/2016 Season.
Notwithstanding the stated acts of interim compliance, LMC has taken legal advice and precipitate steps to approach the Court and, have the interim order set aside and the suit dismissed by the Court for being frivolous and without any merits whatsoever.

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* Giwa FC restored to the League table by virtue of an interim court order and without prejudice to LMC’s defence and final determination of suit challenging expulsion from the NPFL

MFM will still have to play Giwa FC twice if the court injunction stands


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